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IRE Certification

IRE (Industrial Relations & Employment Obligations) Application Reports

The ACT Government’s Compliance with Industrial Relations and Employment Obligations Strategy requires contractors to maintain a current IRE Certificate while they are engaged on an ACT Government site. An IRE Application Report supplied by an approved auditor is required to apply for an IRE Certificate from the ACT Government.

Since 2012 Phillip Miller has been an approved auditor for the purpose of assessing IRE applications of contractors tendering for building work and wishing to be engaged to perform building work on any ACT Government site. He has successfully completed hundreds of IRE Application Reports.

Phillip is himself a businessman so he understands the frustration that can be associated with compliance processes that are not well managed. That is why he has developed a streamlined assessment process so that completion of his audit work is guaranteed within two business days once all required information is made available by the IRE applicant.

At MCS we care about making the process as efficient as possible, so we ask our clients for feedback on how we can improve. To date, 100 percent of our IRE client respondents have rated our performance at nine or ten out of ten. So the pressure is on to maintain this excellent record, but we’re up for the challenge!

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